More than 3D Printing - Freeformer

The "freeformer" stands for freedom in plastic production. Freedom in choice of materials, freedom in processing and freedom of article design.
Utilizing a unique process for additive production, components are created by a layered, drop-shaped plastic coating.
Individual, directly from 3D CAD data, fully functional and without injection mold.

Production with freeformer allows:

production of fully functional small batches from qualified standard granules

  • components in different colors or hard-soft combinations
  • components with a maximum size of 154x134x230
  • production of individual parts / prototypes without injection molds
  • component manufacturing with low material consumption and without waste
  • fast and efficient component production

With the use of freeformer we expand our production range of small batches and prototypes from qualified standard granules.

We have always kept an eye on one of the most important production parameters: the quality of your components.