• Exjection


Exjection® is the production of profile-like components and moldings by means of an injection molding machine. It is particularly suited for producing long, thin-walled, structured products; the process is very similar to conventional injection molding.

The following defines the characteristics of an Exjection® component:

  • A basically straight component with the possibility to create continuous linear connections
  • Possible molding of end caps, snap fits, ribbing, or similar elements
  • (Visible) surfaces with 3d structures and/or functional elements
  • Multicomponent process realizable
  • Short flow paths and low processing pressures
  • Minimum force requirement
  • Avoidance of weld lines
  • Extremely gentle melt processing
  • Low residual stresses and guidance
  • High-quality surfaces and decors
  • Component length up to 3,000 mm
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