PAZ (Profile-reinforcement-drawing)

Continuous reinforced plastic profiles (Stükertec®-profiles)

In our patented PAZ process we manufacture extremely light and high-strength Stükertec®-profiles.

The profiles consist of a thermoplastic matrix reinforced with continuous filaments with specific fiber orientation.

During extrusion the profile will be unidirectionally reinforced in a longitudinal direction by pre-impregnated ribbons in order to safely introduce the high pull-off forces. This longitudinal reinforcement also counteracts most load conditions experienced by a prismatic profile (tension, compression and flexure). Subsequently, fiber layers will be applied with specific fiber orientation in an integrated winding station. Winding happens continuously with freely adjustable fiber angles.  

In regard to torsional/axial rigidity and tensile strength, adjustment of the profile to prevailing load conditions is possible by making the right choices in profile geometry, thermoplastic raw material, fibers and fiber orientation.

  • Low weight
  • High strength and impact resistance
  • High torsional/tensile strength and ductility
  • High degree of insulation and low thermal expansion
  • Producible from various thermoplastics
  • Can be combined with various fiber types (glass, carbon)
  • Available in any length

Ideal use whenever the focus is on low weight and high rigidity!