Work-Study program


7 semesters ( 3 ½ years)


FH Bielefeld, Germany (place of study: Gütersloh)

Bachelor study programs:

  • Industrial engineering
  • Mechatronics / Automation

Final degree:

Bachelor of Engineering (BE)

Higher education entrance qualification:

  • University-entrance diploma
  • Business studies qualification
  • Or other qualifications recognized as being equivalent

Costs of the study:

  • Approx. € 160,– per semester
  • Will be covered by our company


  • Alternating practical and theoretical periods (3 months each)
  • Every theoretical period is followed by weeks of examinations
  • Experience will be gained in all departments, like e.g., sales, tool shop, production, and purchase
  • Independent projects (as of the third semester)
  • Gaining practical understanding of the production by making own models starting from raw material up to the final product

We pay attention to / what really matters?

  • Interest in your job
  • Knowledge of physics and mathematics

Advantages compared to a training or just studying:

  • The link between practical and theoretical experiences


Which alternatives do we offer?

  • Industrial clerk
  • Technical product designer

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