Continuous fibre-reinforced plastic profiles

Light and high-strength profiles called Stükertec-profiles are manufactured by the use of our patented PAZ process.

The profiles consist of a thermoplastic matrix reinforced with glass or carbon fibre with a specific orientation.

During extrusion, the profile is unidirectionally reinforced through preimpregnated ribbons in a longitudinal direction to reliably transfer the high pull-off forces. This longitudinal reinforcement also counteracts the majority of stress conditions experienced by a prismatic profile (traction/pressure and deflection). Fibre layers with specific fibre orientation are created subsequently in an integrated winding station. Winding is realised continuously, and the fibre angle can be adjusted as desired.

The profile can, with regard to torsional rigidity, stiffness and tensile strength, be adapted to suit the load condition occurring through selection of the profile geometry, thermoplastic raw materials, fibres and the fibre orientation.