Continuous fibre-reinforced plastic profiles

The extremely light and high-strength Stükertec-profiles are produced continuously from fibre-reinforced plastic in the patented PAZ process. The profiles consist of a thermoplastic matrix reinforced with continuous filaments with specific fibre orientation.

Stükertec-profiles can be produced from different thermoplastics with glass or carbon fibre reinforcement. The use of carbon fibres in particular enables the production of tubes and profiles whose lightweight design quality is considerably superior to extruded aluminium profiles.

Stükertec-profiles can be used in applications where low weight is demanded in conjunction with a high degree of strength and stiffness!

Stükertec-profiles offer

  • low weight
  • a high degree of strength
  • high impact strength
  • a high degree of insulation
  • no corrosion
  • low thermal expansion
  • recycling options
  • immediate or subsequent shaping
  • diverse thermoplastics and fibre types
  • can be manufactured in different lengths