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hindernisstangen aus kunsstoff empfohlen von Ingrid klimke

Recommended by Ingrid Klimke | Olympic champion and riding champion

Jumping Poles made from 100% plastic

With our jumping poles made from 100% plastic, we have brought an innovation to the equestrian market.


We are honored to be an official partner of Olympic equestrian champion Ingrid Klimke and have convinced her of our jumping bars.

Official certification by the FN

With an official FN certification, you can use without any concern our jumping poles for competitions or training purposes. As experts in the plastic manufacturing field, we have not only brought expertise but also passion to the world of equestrian sports.

hindernisstangen aus kunststoff fn verifiziert

Advantages Over Wooden Jumping Poles

Jumping Poles made from plastic square for advantages No rotting and no need to pain
Jumping Poles made from plastic square for advantages Same weight as wooden poles and no weight changes due to water absorptionn
Jumping Poles made from plastic square for advantages No splintering & sharp edges
Jumping Poles made from plastic square for advantages More safety for horse and rider with the Safe version featuring an integrated brackpoint

Convince yourself of the stability and safety of the poles and watch our short video about the stress test on Instagram.

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“With extensive expertise in plastics,
Stükerjürgen has developed a truly
outstanding product. What I especially
like about the jumping poles is their
durability and ease of cleaning. A new
paint job? Not necessary anymore, and
they meet all safety requirements for
my horses. I love training with them
and cannot imagine my daily training
routine without them.

– Ingrid Klimke

Jumping Pole Standard
Length: 3.000 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Reinforced inner pipe

Jumping Pole Safe
Length: 2x 1.500 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Reinforced inner pipe

Standard Colors:

stuekerjuergen-jumping-poles-made-from-plastic blue/white
stuekerjuergen-jumping-poles-made-from-plastic yellow/white
stuekerjuergen-jumping-poles-made-from-plastic red/white
stuekerjuergen-jumping-poles-made-from-plastic green/white

more colors on request

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