Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites

Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites

Quality management


Quality management

Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites GmbH & Co.KG performs all types of qualification tests in accordance to your specification.


Analysis during component development

  • Sample parts
  • Research of new materials
  • Integration of new processes
  • Quality investigation with internal specialists
  • Quality overview with customer
  • First article inspection report in acc. to AS/EN 9102

Analysis during manufacturing

  • Production monitoring and support
  • Implementation of:
    • Measurement analysis
    • Visual check
    • Static test
    • Burn test in acc. to CS/FAR 25.853
    • Colour measurement
    • Roughness measurement
    • Humidity test
    • Paint adhesion test
    • Projector measurement

Partnership with external laboratories

Performance of following tests and services:

  • Smoke, toxicity, heat release test
  • Static test
  • Enviromental test (DO160)
  • Chemical resistance analysis
  • Fungus resistance test
  • Shaker test
  • Humidity test
  • 3D measuring

Drawing up of quality documents, consultation and internal audits in accordance to:

  • EN 9100
  • EASA Part 21G
  • EASA Part 21J
  • Organisation and supporting of customer audits


Approved Production Organisation in accordance with EASA Part 21G

Approved Design Organisation in accordance with EASA Part 21J

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