Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites

Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites

Manufacturing process


Manufacturing process

We master a variety of different manufactruing processes, This enables us to exactly meet your specific component requirments, especially taking into account the given design aspects. As a sytsem supplier, we offer you all services from a single scoure. Closing all interfaces gives you a decisive advanage for the smooth implementation of your project.

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Infusion process

In order to generate a constant weave/ resin ratio and to give the component the appropriate fiber composite properties, all components are manufactured using infusion technology.

Surface varnish

Due the sea water and the UV radiation, all components have to wishstand enormoust environmental influences. Especially for designers and owners respresentatives, the surface requirments are an extreme quality feature. We paint all surfaces in two state-of -the art cabins with appropriate supply and exhaust air to minimize dirt inclusions and impurities in the final surface.


On our 5- axis CNC systems, all desired geometrice can be created. In addition, design can be milled from high- quality materials and can be refined in- house paint shop.

  • Four 5- axis plant
  • A 3- axis plant
  • A 5- axis robot
  • Own tool- and laminating device production
  • In- house trimming of the manufactured GPR components

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