Research & Development

Stükerjürgen Aerospace Composites GmbH & Co.KG offer the required technical consultation and support at all stages of the development of your product.

Step 1

Inquiry / Idea from customer

  • Sample part
  • Sketch
  • 3D file
  • Drawing (2D)

Step 2


  • Scanning of the sample part


  • Measuring of the sample part

Creation of 3D files

  • iges, step, dwg, vda, catiaV4, catiaV5, unigraphics, rhinoceros

Creation of 2D Drawings

Step 3

Prototype phase (Fit-Check)

  • Production of a prototype using the FDM process
  • Production of a prototype using pre-serial tools manufactured in-house
  • Pre-testing (stress, etc.)

Step 4

Manufacturing of serial parts

  • Production of serial tools in-house
  • Manufacturing of the FAI parts (for the aviation industry) and the serial parts

Step 5

  • Installation on aircraft / yacht
  • Final product